fly out fishing & moose hunting trips

Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Videos from Daily Life at Viking Outposts

Our Beaver Takes Off from Ice

In the spring, we must launch our airplanes onto the lake, which is still frozen. Our pilot takes off, with floats, on the ice, and lands in open water in a nearby river. Then we can fly to  our outposts which open up before Red Lake.

Cleaning a Lake Trout

When you catch a beautiful fish, it is good to appreciate its characteristics and think about how to cook it to enjoy the taste of the fish itself.  In the fish house, I am just yakking away about the lake trout in this part of the country.

Flying from Domain Lake to Optic Lake with Cessna 180

Our old pilot, Tim, and Harriet attached their new GoPro camera onto the tail of CF-HVD and made this video.

Pilot Training

Hugh is training Will on the Cessna 185. Will went on to become one of the best Beaver pilots we've ever seen. He has now moved on to fly bigger airplanes for another company.

Guests spot a moose in the creek

Our guests at Viking Island spot a moose walking in Onnie Creek, off Douglas Lake.

Flying a boat on the side of the Beaver

Ever wonder how we get canoes, boats, and building supplies out to our remote cabins? Here the boys give a demonstration.

CF-HXA taking off from the frozen Red Lake

Our Cessna 185 taking off from the still frozen Red Lake, on floats, to land in open water in a nearby river. From there, camp opening begins every springtime. 

Tim flying C-GGMB

Our old pilot, Tim, flying C-GGMB Beaver. Tim is now flying larger airplanes on Canada's west coast.

Tribute to our old Norseman

Harriet Carlson and her classmates made this film in 2003, during film school. It was shot on super 16mm film, in Red Lake.  It won several awards at film festivals across Canada, including Best in Canada at the Vancouver Film Festival.

Hugh takes the Cessna 185 off the Ice with Floats

Harriet and Hugh are doing a tutorial on how this is done each spring. They take off the ice on Howey Bay, fly around the town and area and then land on the Chukuni River.