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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada




In 1968, Hugh flew into Optic Lake with Chris Madsen, a World War II pilot. They jumped in the water and hauled building supplies to shore. That was the start of Viking Outposts.

Now in 2018 Hugh and Craig have found local boys to carry on this adventure. They are very happy to pass Viking Outposts on to Vito Tarantino and Dean Martin.

Vito already runs Viking Island and is doing a great job according to long time customers. He grew up outside Red Lake where his father ran a sawmill back in the bush. As a young man, Vito bravely built his own welding business and set about learning how to design projects and hire workers. Now he has a pilot licence and his own plane. He plans to be flying camp checks next summer.  For now he is learning the details of our operation so that this transition will go smoothly. 

Dean Martin grew up on a farm near Dryden and worked as a teenager at Geary’s Sportsman Lodge north of Red Lake. For a time, he was a professional wrestler, but became tired of the big city life and came home to Red Lake. He strapped on a tool belt and got to work. Soon he had himself a successful construction business. He does lots of work up north in fly-in communities. He flies his own plane to keep up with all these jobs. He hopes to pass some of this work on to his business partner, Leigh Moncrief. Dean is already flying north to check out cabins and do some tidying up.

Vito and Dean intend to run the operation the same way the Carlsons did while they learn about the operation.  Hugh, Craig, Roseanne and Enid will be around to help with this transition. They will be helping open up the camps and you will see them on the docks next season. Vito and Dean are learning from the experts.   The enthusiasm of a new generation is what Viking Outposts needs.  They already have plans to upgrade cabins, decks and boats.  Everywhere they look there is something to improve.

There is excitement in the air!! Good News for Viking Outposts


Dean Martin and Vito Tarantino