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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Telescope Lake

Survey the lake from your front window


Telescope Lake is 25 miles west of Red Lake and within Woodland Caribou Park. Telescope is approximately 8 miles long with the cabin (only one on the lake) conveniently located on a point midway on the lake. Telescope is primarily a walleye and northern fishery but also has lake trout. You can explore Embryo Lake, home of giant walleye or George Lake, a fast action walleye and northern lake. These lakes are among a unique group of clear cold water lakes at the top of a watershed.The cabin has four bedrooms with room for 8 persons, a futon in the living area and is equipped with a gas grill and fish fryer.

Telescope Lake with Viking Outposts


Fly-in fishing

for Walleye, Northern, and Lake Trout

Rates (per person)

   for groups of 6 or more:  $1025

                           4 & 5:           $1060

                           less than 4: $1085

Cabin sleeps 8

Air Miles from Red Lake: 25

Portage lakes: Embryo and George Lakes


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(807) 727-2262

This lake has a lot of history for the Carlson family.


Years ago, Hugh and Craig's father, Arthur Carlson, brought guests here by canoe or in his home built boats across four rough portages from Viking Island on Douglas Lake. He guided his guests on a true wilderness fishing adventure. All provisions were hauled over the portages- no sissies allowed! By the age of about 12, Hugh and Craig were trained fishing guides. They learned their trade out on the water and in the bush. The guests themselves did some of the training! Some guests still tell stories of those good old days. Those who can no longer make the trip have great memories of "Back in the Day". Once during the 1950's, the group made the portage trip to find the cabin burned to the ground! Oops, long trip back to Douglas! Another trip a huge wind storm flattened all the trees on the portages and the group had to cut a tunnel through the blowdown to get home. Then during the 1980's an extremely hot forest fire raged down the shoreline coming close to burning the cabin. Ministry of Natural Resources fire crew were able to defend the cabin and point as the fire raced by. You can see the young jackpine growing along the shoreline and the patches of bare rock where the fire burned even the soil. Arthur trapped here for many years. Enid, Hugh's wife, and Arthur enjoyed several winter trapping seasons in this cabin. Beaver, fisher and marten were their main catch. Sometimes a wolf or two. The main pack from the area avoided our traps but would troop past the cabin during the night, lifting their legs at our water hole. Message received. Today this cabin is a place of refuge for many of our guests who return year after year to their lake.


We would like to remember Lee London, Frank Paull, and Albert Neufeld who all had a special connection to Telescope Lake.