fly out fishing & moose hunting trips

Red Lake, Ontario, Canada





With 12 locations to choose from, you will find the lake that best suits your fishing and adventure personality!​

West Outposts: Three outposts, located inside the Woodland Caribou Park. These lakes range from 30 miles to 45 miles west of Red Lake. They are all on their own lakes, with no other cabins, and they are adjacent to more lakes that you can portage to and fish in for the day.


Northeast Outposts: These outposts are between 30 miles to 45 miles northeast of Red lake. They are all on their own lakes.

North Outposts: These flights are approx, 80-110 miles from base. McInnes Lake is 25 miles long itself, with three outposts located a good distance from one another. This lake boasts big northern and walleye fishing definitely a hot spot!

  • Middle McInnes

  • Power Bay

  • South McInnes

  • Dolphin

  • Critchell


Far Northwestern Outposts:  These two outposts are located to the far northwest, they are approx. 110 miles  from base.