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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Power Bay


This camp with its south-western exposure is located off the main lake in a large shallow bay called Power Bay. Power Bay is like a whole separate lake. There are three sections to it and a large island provides two channels to the main lake. Power Bay is home to walleye and northern. A short ride puts you in lake trout water and great late summer/fall walleye fishing. This camp is well positioned to go south or north on the main lake.

McInnes Lake

3 camps, 1 giant lake  
... Go Big or Go Home!

McInnes is a 25 mile long (north/south) lake located 70 to 95 miles north of Red Lake. We have 3 well spaced outposts, located in different parts of the lake. There is no other outfitter on the lake. All cabins are 4 bedroom with propane fridge, chest freezer and stove with oven. Hot/cold running water with shower. All cabins have a deck to enjoy sunsets. This lake hosts walleye, northern and lake trout. The walleye in McInnes are of a larger average size than in our other lakes. The lake is divided into sections. The main body and northern arms are deep and provide habitat for lake trout and structure for great late summer/fall walleye fishing. The east shore and south end are shallow and home to great walleye/northern fishing. This lake is an experienced fisherman’s dream, but yet provides great opportunity for the novice fisherman.

Middle McInnes


Located on the east shore approximately ½ way up the lake, the camp has a southern exposure. It is located at the mouth of a large walleye/northern filled bay and on the edge of the deep water. A short ride takes you to the southern section of the lake. People who are interested in fishing for lake trout find the camp conveniently located. Travel north or south , east or west – you are in the middle of it all. A Popular spot for families, we have some who come year after year to their annual, temporary residence.

South Camp


Located on the east shore in the southern part of the lake, it offers wonderful sunsets, which can be enjoyed while sitting on your deck. The calm of the evening is very often broken by the slapping of Mr. Beaver’s tail! The bay behind the camp and the channel in front provide great fishing right at your doorstep. A short boat ride can put you in the shallow southern end of the lake or the deeper waters to the north. This outpost is conveniently located to access the southern part of the lake.