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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Walleye, Northern and Lake Trout

Here in the Red Lake area, northwestern Ontario, fishing for walleye, northern and lake trout is what we know. What to use; jigs, spoons, or crank baits; twisters, minnows, worms, or leeches? Where to fish; the shore, the reefs or the weed beds, deep or shallow?
Hugh and Craig grew up at camp learning to fish and guide as young kids. They still love to drop a line when they need to relax or come home with supper. The following is some advice from master fisherman, Craig.

Safely Practicing Catch & Release

Viking Outposts encourages Catch & Release. Returning that trophy fish to the lake helps our lake fisheries, and gives future fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to feel the thrill of catching "the big one".

Taxidermy has popularized fish replicas, matching the size, shape, and coloring of your fish by using a photograph. Replicas look brighter and last longer.

When taking a fish out of the water, handle carefully. Pay attention to how long the fish is out of the water and compare this to how long you would be able to hold your breath. Quickly measure and photograph the fish and get it back into the lake.

If the lure is badly snagged in the fish, carefully try to remove it. If it is too difficult and will require injuring the fish, cut the line and return him to the water.

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