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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Domain Lake

A rustic paradise for the traditionist!


Domain Lake is 36 miles west of Red Lake, in a remote corner of Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park. The lake is 8 miles long with numerous bays and excellent fish habitat. The map below links to a larger version.


Domain is a picturesque lake with pine trees and a rocky shoreline. It is like a sanctuary; off the beaten path, so the chance of seeing any other visitors is uncommon, except of course Hugh flying in to drop off groceries or ice. The lake is within Woodland Caribou Provincial Wilderness Park.


Domain Lake Cabin can accommodate 8 people. It has the rustic feel of the Canadian bush, with a traditional log cabin combined with the modern conveniences of an adjacent shower house. This is our last remaining log cabin outpost, as well as the last log cabin that Hugh and Craig built together with their father, Arthur. The three used logs from around the lake to build the cabin in 1975. The island cabin is nestled in the trees, with the lake in sight and a short walk in any direction. A rock hill lines one side of the island behind the cabin and is ideal for bar-b-queuing with a view.