fly out fishing & moose hunting trips

Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Planning check List

You’ve made your reservation with us—pay your deposit to verify. May be paid by personal check. The rest of the fees are paid at the end of the trip with cash, money order or traveler’s checks. (no credit cards)

You may need to make a hotel reservation in Red Lake for the night before your departure the next morning.

Howey Bay Motel         (807) 727-3419

Super Eight                    (807) 727-8888

Balmer Motor Hotel    (807) 735-2076


Are you driving or flying to Red Lake?

Red Lake Travel (800) 465-3305, the travel agency here, is excellent at moving our guests from home to Red Lake and back. You may fly to Red Lake or you may choose to fly to Winnipeg or International Falls and rent a vehicle and drive the remaining 5 and 1/2 hours to Red Lake. Regardless of how you get a vehicle here, parking is included in your rate here with us.

If you plan to drive, you can find a google map in our page, Getting Here


At least a week before your arrival, contact us with the details of your trip:

Final count of people in group - (adults, children); method of travel and time of expected arrival to Red Lake; accommodation night before; requirements from us - groceries, beverages, bait etc. (see below).

The satellite phone should be ordered as soon as possible as we have a limited supply.


Our rates include:
  • The cabin is fully furnished and equipped with propane lights, refrigerator, chest freezer, stove with oven, wood burning stove (for which we have cut wood). All pots, pans, dishes, and utensils.

  • Hot and cold running water.

  • Indoor shower with propane heated water.

  • Most have a lovely deck outside to enjoy the morning sunrise or evening sunset.

  • Return air transportation from Red Lake to outpost.

  • One aluminum boat with swivel seats and outboard motor for every 2 people

  • Mixed gasoline stored in a 250 gallon tank with self service nozzle. (no limit)

  • Maps of the outpost lake and portage lakes with boat caches.

  • Conservation fishing licence if you don't take fish home

  • 2 weekly check flights - when the pilot lands you will likely be on the lake fishing. If you require extra items or there is something on the premises that needs attention, leave a note on the chalk board or on the table and it will be attended to. (no extra charge, but the cost of the items)

  • Parking at the Red Lake Base.

  • Bagged ice as needed.

What you can order through us:

Groceries, beer, bait — there is a grocery list to be used as a guide on this web site. You may print it, fill it out and fax it to us or type out an email to us or mail it.

There is no extra charge for the service; just the cost of the items. Everything will be boxed up and ready to go when you are. The beer and soda ordered in advance will be excluded from your 150 pound weight limit.

Satellite phone available for rent, reserve early. Battery operated, therefore not to be left on.

What you need to bring:
  • Identification—Passport is the best.   Check customs rules.

  • Individual weight limit of 150 pounds including food and beverages (except beer ordered in advance). Weigh your personal items on a bathroom scale—it should not come to more than 75 pounds. Smaller bags, boxes, coolers are preferred to larger ones, as they pack better in the plane.

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • 1 or 2 small bags for your gear

  • Fishing rod and reel— break down without hooks.

  • Tackle box — SMALL— only that which is needed to catch walleye, northern and lake trout! Fillet knife.

  • Camera

  • Medium jacket and rain gear (boots?)

  • Swim suit and bath towel

  • Currently approved life jacket. (Legally everyone must have a life jacket in the boat with them.)

For the group—a group meeting to coordinate items and avoid duplication:

Food for the entire week you may bring some or all of your items or order some or all through us. (see our grocery list for a guide line) Dish towel, paper towel, toilet paper Garbage bags, fish freezer bags First aid kit Flash light and matches Fish locator One medium size cooler for every 3 people Do not pack items in garbage bags as they can be confused with refuse and disposed of!Any further questions please do not hesitate to talk with us either by email or phone: viking@vikingoutpost; 807-727-3461 Our goal is to help make this the trip that you want.

Groceries & Meal Planning

Have a group meeting to plan your menu for the week using Viking’s grocery list. Contact us for advice.


If you would like us to arrange your groceries, send us the list, and we will forward it to the Red Lake Grocer.

Grocer's bill is the only charge. It will be packed for you by the grocer the day before your flight. We will pick it up and store items in dry, cooler, or freezer until your flight is being loaded.


Outposts have propane fridges and freezers to keep your food and drinks cool. There is a stovetop, oven, cookware, utensils, dishes. There is also a charcoal or gas BBQ.

Download our grocery list.

Fill it out and send it to us.


Fax: 807-727-3462 (May-Oct)

Weight Allowance & Packing Tips

Weight allowance is 150 pounds of cargo per person.

This includes food, clothing, fishing tackle, and beverages. Our float planes have strict weight regulations to fly safely and legally, so keeping within this weight allowance will avoid a party incurring an added expense of an extra flight.

We recommend weighing personal items on a bathroom scale and keeping between 50 to 75 pounds, leaving the remainder of your allowance for food and beverages.

Overweight gear is $1.00/pound, enforced, and delivered at check flights or our convenience. 


Packing for the plane: 

Please NO large boxes, coolers, or duffel bags. They are difficult to pack into our airplanes. Everything should be packed into small or medium boxes or bags. 

If you have a hefty tackle box and you are interested in downsizing it to save space, check out our fishing tips for recommended tackle.

Viking Outposts' Conservation Initiative

For guests choosing not to take fish home when they leave, we will provide you with a conservation license at no charge to you.

You may buy a license that allows you to take fish home.

The Ontario Outdoors Card, Fishing Licenses, and Hunting Licenses are available at our office.


Read up on Ontario Fishing Regulations for Zone 2