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Red Lake, Ontario, Canada



Viking Outpost Air

Love airplanes? So do we. We are airplane buffs and proud of our fleet of classic floatplanes, that are the ticket to remote locations.

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We are available from May 1 to October 31 for charters.

We can fly canoes and boats.   

Please call Vito at 807-727-3547  or

Dean at 807-727-7484 for a quote.

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Beaver and Cessna Flights
  • We operate out of our base on Howey Bay in Red Lake, Ontario.

  • Our season runs from May 1 to October 31. 

  • We are available for charter with wait times if required. 

  • We can take external loads including boats, canoes and lumber.  

  • We are approved for Ontario Government flights.

  • We are local people who know this area.

  • We fly canoers into Woodland Caribou Park and elsewhere.

  • We fly for contractors, trappers, fishermen, hunters,   adventurers and our own guests

C-GGMB DeHavilland Beaver

C-GEZW DeHavilland Beaver

DeHavilland DHC Beavers are one of the most classic Canadian airplanes. Viking Outpost added C-GGMB (orange and white Beaver) over ten years ago. Craig has logged the most hours on it, but our new pilots also have a lot of experience with this one and C-GEZW. Viking Outposts added C-GEZW only a few years ago. It has some cool modifications and is a bit more slick looking than the more classic C-GGMB.


You may have seen a Beaver in the movies before, including The Edge and Six Days Seven Nights. Although the airplanes aren't always used realistically in these dramatic films, it is cool to see them, none-the-less!


Read more about the Beaver on Wikipedia!

C-FHXA Cessna 185

C-FHVD Cessna 180


Our Cessnas may not seem as exciting as the Beavers, but they are the daily workhorses of our operation. Delivering your beer and ice, checking on you during your trips, and bringing your surplus gear, these airplanes are zipping in and out of camps all the time.


Cessna makes a wide range of floatplanes from our four seater Cessnas up to the mighty Caravan.


Read more about the Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 on Wikipedia!

Our commitment to safety:

Viking Outposts maintains a very important commitment to safety and a great safety record. Our airplanes go over and above safety and maintenance regulations set by Transport Canada. We only fly during acceptable weather conditions. Our pilots are both licensed from a certified flight school, as well as personally trained by us. We take no risks and make no exceptions when it comes to the safety of our guests.


Our scheduled maintenance is done locally.


If you have any questions about our aircraft or air service, please get in touch.